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Originally Posted by JamesEK4 View Post
Hey Fraggle,

Thats some great advice there, thanks a bunch!

Ok so I would need another hide for one end of the tank, do you always have to have a moist hide? can they shed their skin whenever? and also which end of the tank is best for the moist hide warm or cool?

In regards to what substrate to use, I was going to go for playsand or lino, but after reading what you mentioned about the sand and how much cleaner it would be to use lino I think I may go for the latter!

About the heatmat/heatlamp I think in the deal I'm getting both so will probably just use the mat?

I'm definately going to purchase my little critter from a dealer on here, I love the look of these Trempers!

Again thanks for the advice

as above, if you are using a heatmat stick the moist hide somewhere in the middle. it should be in there all the time, as already mentioned, mine sometimes use it as a hide even if they are not due a shed.

sleepyD has some great info and caresheets on her site- highly recommend it! shes helped me out with some nutritional info in the past when deciding which livefoods to favour as a staple diet

great move finding out all of your info before purchasing your leo- dont hesitate to ask a million questions on here- there are a lot of very good leo breeders and experienced owners who will be more than happy to help you make the perfect setup!
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