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Default Flo bulb placement for bearded dragon

ok, after my last post about my viv setup for my BD i am at the final stage of the upgrades. im getting a background picture sorted and have on the way and have just this minute got rid of the cave hide i had in the viv because the crickets discovered it was an excelent hiding place and ive got a big old rock im going to stick in there as one of the spots he can bask on.
the main thing is in the post a reptisun10 36inch flourescent tube bulb and reflector to replace the reptiglo 10 i had which was about 42inches long. problem is the viv is 48 inches long so what would be the optimum place to put the reptisun10?? the spotlight also gives out uva and uvb so would positioning the flo bulb in the center be alright or would i still need to off set it to the basking are still??

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