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Default Mealworm colony?

Hi all,
Basically I want to try and get a colony going before I get my leopard gecko, for various reasons including costs, and the fact that the pet shops today were "out of stock" for mealworms (which wouldn't be good if my pet was hungry).

I'm looking at the page at mealworms, meal worms mini, live mealworms, , but I'm a little confused what to buy.
  1. Do I get "mini" or "regular" mealworms? I presume I get more worms for my money with "mini" ones.
  2. How many grams of them do I need to buy? Is 55g enough, or do I need more?
I won't be getting this lizard for a little while, so there will be some time to get the colony running. Thanks!

Edit: oh, and also - I've seen people saying they "clean out" the mealworm colony by running everything through a siv once in a while, but surely the tiny mealworm eggs would go through the siv as well?
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