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Cool end should be between 80-85F, Hot end around 90-95F and 100-110F basking site for adults, and as much as 115F for babies. You have a basking bulb at one end, either ceramic heater or spotbulb (most prefer spotbulbs) and also you'll need a 10% or 12% Uv tube, i personally use arcadia. If you adjust the basking site up and down (or the bulb whichevers easier) til you get the right basking temp I found that the ambient temps were almost spot on. I also use a thermostat which is a back up safety measure incase the cool end ever gets too hot, when it kicks in it dimms the bulb cooling down the viv. Beardies need 12-14 hours light and heat depending on the time of year, and then the rest of the time all the light and heat is switched off, and this allows the tank to reduce down to room temperature. If it ever drops below 60F (which most houses dont) you can use a ceramic heater to keep it warmer. Hope this helps, I just got my first beardie yesterday so its all new to me too. Good luck with your research

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