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No the thermostat is not built in to the heat mat. You will need a separate thermostat. The thermostat can be any make and the 100W is the maximum not the minimum capacity. So, get a heatmat (habistat ones are good, personally I do not like exo-terra), a thermostat - does not have to be same make - just get one that says mat-stat, and a digital thermometer - I like the ones with two probes so you can monitor the temperature at both ends of the vivarium. Attach the thermostat to the heatmat and set the thermostat to roughly the temperature you want (88 - 90F for Leos). Place the thermostat probe on or by the heatmat. Place the thermometer probe on the floor of the viv at the warm end. Monitor the temperature (with the thermometer). If it is too high then just turn the thermostat down - if too low then turn the thermostat up. Hope that helps.
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