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from my experience, mealie colonies can take a while to establish. I use a small plastic fish tank with 2" of ground up shredded wheat and oats as a substrate. I started off throwing buying 3 tubs of adult mealies, throwing 1 in the tank and using the other 2 as feeders. When the ones in the feeders started turning into little aliens I picked them out and put them in the tank. After about 3 months I now have enough to pick out some every few days and feed them. Remember to top it up every month or so with a full tub of mealies.

No water or extra heat is needed, just feed them spring greens, carrot, apple etc. take the food out after a day or so as it will start to rot and if the substrate gets wet it'll also rot.

As far as cleaning, I've yet to clean mine but when i do i'll seive it and then put the substrate in another container for a couple of months just to make sure theres no babies.
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