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Wink The Baby Beardies Arrive on Sunday

I have just finished setting up my viv for my sons two female baby beardiers arrival on Sunday ("lizzie" & "emily") and am now worried that
I have/haven't done it all correctly.
My main concern is about the night time/day time heating. I know because they are young (still to determine age on their arrival) that the
hotter end of the viv should be btwn 105-110 and the cooler end btwn 80-85 degrees farenheit during the day but what do we do at night ?
Do we turn it all off ? We have a ceramic light, a spot light and a uv light ? Read somewhere that the temp cannot go below 70 degrees farenheit; is this correct ?? Also read that Beardies do not need a heat mat. Help I'm really confused !!!!!
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