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Default Bearded Dragon Special Offers

Bearded dragons make a fantastic pet either as a starter animal or to add to a growing collection. To reflect their popularity and make it easier for people to purchase one with a setup we offer some special offers.

8 week old Bearded Dragon + Setup

Our baby bearded dragons are bred by ourselves, hatched and raised at home, reared on greens, crickets, hoppers and mealworms and used to human contact. Priced by themselves they are 40 each, or 160 with our starter setup.

Upgrade to a 48 x 18 x 18" vivarium - just 180!

Please note: We can offer an estimate on sex of baby bearded dragons - but due to age and size, we will try our best but we cannot offer a guarantee until 6-8 months+, and this needs to be taken into consideration if purchasing more than one.

We also offer adult males at half price when purchased with a setup, and have males in stock from 80 - so just 40 when purchased with a setup.

We also stock a variety of ages and morphs throughout the year - please call us on 02920 190291 or email [email protected] to confirm exact availability. Some of the bearded dragons we frequently stock include:

Babies - 40 (or see special offer above)
Juvenile Males - from 50
Juvenile Females - from 70
Adult Males - from 80 (or see special offer above)
Adult Females - from 120
Translucent - from 100
Leatherback - from 200
Hypo / Citrus / Leucistic - from 60
Blood red - from 150
Over 100 snakes & lizards available from with UK delivery options! Online store with actual pictures of our animals for sale.

Quickest responses via telephone to 02920 190291 or Facebook Message

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