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Default Preserving an Emperor scorpion (with pics)

So, unforunately, my adult female emperor scorpion who has given me 27 babies in the past, passed away recently. Seemingly drown in her waterbowl while I was away for for the weekend, however she is bigger than the waterbowl and can easily get out. Either way she was a wild caught (probably) pregnant adult when I got her and I've had her a few years.

So anyway, I decided preserving her would be a fitting end, rather than the bin. I followed Lycanlord's advice.

So, I opened her up down the fleshy side:

I was going to attempt to see some anatomy. But after a couple of days dead and a month in the freezer, it wasn't possible to see anything other than the begining and end of some sort of digestive tract. This Google Book is a good source for anatomy.

Scooped out the insides, and dried them with cotton wool:

Filled with cotton wool to stuff:

I also placed a suture in her side to keep that cut side together and stop it opening up.

Then, hair sprayed all over her, underside first, then top, then legs and re-did under and top. Placed into a sort-of natural position as possible:

Allowed to dry for a couple of hours, and then framed her up 4.50 for the frame, modified slightly to make it deeper:

I'll update this in a month or two as to whether it's worked, hopefully it has!

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