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I used to be a total arachnophobe and now have 60+ spiders. For me they have to be one of the most amazing creatures on the planet. depending on what you decide to keep depends on how easy they are to keep. Theres 100's if not 1000's to choose from ranging from docile and relaxed ones to aggressive, nervous and defensive ones all varying in colour size and needs. Its highly addictive as i'm sure others on here will tell you and you'll very rarely find someone with just 1 spider and if they do they'll be planning on buying another one i promise you that.

the best advice i can do is do as much research as you possibly can, both on here and anywhere else you can find. Just something to point out in my opinion i wouldn't rely much on what a rep shop tells you, although there are good shops around you gotta remember that they're looking for a sale so they will in some cases tell you what you want to hear just to get that sale.

This is the friendliest section in here and you'll get loads of help and advice and nearly 100% of it will be spot on. There's nothing to be afraid of spiders wether they are true spiders or tarantulas its just a case of understanding them and respecting them.

Good luck in over coming your fear and hopefully we'll be saying "wow nice new T" to you in the near future

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