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Originally Posted by Spencer95 View Post
Hi just needed to ask a few questions:

How much (on average) would this cost you?

what speices could go in there

because im thinking of breeding my leo so if i put 2 leos in that size tank then i can use my old tank for the hatchlings.

but i was thinking of making two, so what over speices could i put in there ive looked around i like geckos looked at pictus's do you know of anyothers?

can i just say nice thread

The price is quoted going by the full retail prices at Homebase. and based on buying EVERYTHING there..but in reality. if you made it from plain white contiboard it would be around 35-40 depending on shopping around for your wood..your glass price is the one that will cause the most end price best tip for this is to contact double glazing window supplyers..they take out old 4mm window glass all day long and generally can supply you with cheap glass which you can either cut yourself or in many cases they have their own in house glass cutters...

As far as what you can keep in it..well...loads really..pretty much any lizard under 6-8" sv length and if you supply hides . 2 leopards woukl be would pretty much any other ground dweller of a similar size.. Teratoscincus spp are amazing are the African fat tailed geckos (similar to leos)
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