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Default rescued gecko help

Long story short,,,,I rescued two leos and both were in a sorry state, their tanks hadn't been cleaned in over a year and because of this they had sores on their wee feet. I gave them a bath with some critical care in, cleaned them out put them on kitchen roll and they both seem much brighter now. The main problem is i don't know what they were fed on (there was dried grass, leaves and twigs in their tanks amongst other things) and when i tried giving them some crix both were scared to death of them, after hand feeding the male he went mad charging after the rest but the other one wont eat and is sat on top of her hide, if a cricket even comes near her she runs away and is trying to climb up the sides of her tank.
So what do i do guys, i didn't want to ask too many questions when i got them because i didn't want the guy to leave with them and all i was told was they were fed on 'this and that'
So how do i get a leo over the fear of crix?
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