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Originally Posted by fzb2099 View Post
We always here this in breeding sheets:

"Do not rotate the eggs vertically, it could kill the embryo".

I've been searching for a while and I cant find anything to for the basis of this advise. (other than the fact the reptile eggs have no chalazae)

Anyone know where this comes from? and are there recorded event than flipping the egg vertically would definitely kill the embryo?


ps. and yes, u guessed it. I have 3 eggs which were outside the snake coil and I just want to make sure I give them the best chance possible when I incubate them. The MUST have rolled away from the clump, so I need to know which way is up.
In one sense it stands to reason that an egg has evolved to not being turned, then you shouldn't turn it, and reading about the structure of reptile eggs, I can see how turning could damage them, as Ian says above. However, I've never seen any research which provides evidence that turning eggs kills the embryo, and if so, why.

It seems to me that the advice not to turn reptile eggs is based on assumption rather than proof, although it's probably a correct assumption.

What is needed is someone to take a whole load of eggs and turn some of them to differing extents and at differing times during incubation, and compare hatching rates with a control sample.
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