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Carefully turn the viv upside down.

Measure the width of the top of the viv, inside the sides.

Cut x2 strips of 2mm glass, 15mm wide.
The length should be just short of the top inside measurement.

Apply a bead of silicon along the centre of each strip.

Place the two strips (silicon side down) over the edges of the stainless steel mesh.
Align the edges of the strips with the edges of the top vent of the viv.

Press the two strips with a light, but firm pressure to bed them and the stainless steel mesh into the silicon
Place a block or Cloth covered brick over the strips to weight them down.
17. Allow the silicone to cure for 4 hours.
These strips seal and protect the edges of the stainless steel mesh on the top mesh

18. DOORS (Tracks)
This stage requires two different types of E profile.
1. Bottom Profile (Shallow).
2. Top Profile (Deep), this is about twice as deep as the bottom profile.
The profile you use should match the thickness of glass, that you are going to use for the doors.

Measure and cut a length of top (deeper) profile to fit under the top inside of the front of the viv.

Check that the newly cut top profile fits in the top front of the viv, with abot a 1mm play on eack side.
Make any adjustments if required.
Apply a bead of silicon along the centre of the top profile.

Carefully align the top track profile to the bottom front edge of the top and sides.

Press the profile with a light, but firm pressure to bed it into the silicon.
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