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Default Thankyou to Livefood Direct!

Not sure if this is the right section but it's people in this section that use Livefoods Direct, so....

I am hand-rearing three Swifts (birds) that were handed to me as rescues, and fast realised they were going to eat me into financial ruin. I e-mailed Livefood Direct explaining the situation, and would they be willing to help out. I received a reply the same day offering to set up an order for some free livefood, 500 large silent crickets and 500g mealies (although I have had to turn the mealies down as they can't eat them unfortunately) for them weekly for the next month or two as they need it! This should cover a couple of days feeding a week at least, so we are very grateful indeed.

It was much more than I had expected and cannot thank them enough, my faith in people has been restored! So I most definitely recommend Livefoods Direct, for both the quality of the food and their exceptional customer service!

I will be setting up a thread in the Wildlife section with updates on their progress, and hopefully, eventually, their release, and I believe Livefoods Direct will also be putting updates on their site.
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