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Originally Posted by SteveL View Post
sounds good but dont forget breath holes
Ye i think i said ill make vents dunno, but yeh i would make vents.

Originally Posted by Amber View Post
How would you keep the lids on?
Weights, i have weights on all my tubs just incase...i have already have one snake escape from a tub, and viv, Carrla lol
I my do it sometime...if i start breeding maybe.
Anyone now were you can get poly boxes free, and BIG poly boxes too, free, or cheap.
Hardware stores will give them free? huh.
I have lots of Ralph Lauren Hoodies, Polos and LongSleeves available. Many colours starting from 30ea. Major Discount on 10+

Also i am interested in adult Green Tree Pythons, Amazon Basins, Emerald Tree Boas, Tree Monitors, Fiji Iguana and similar...
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