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A great thread and one which i love.
Ive got a future article coming out on this excalt thing for the PRK mag, mainly with photos of them in the wild or ones took by myself.

The Oksibils are a cracking locality, that looks like one of Rob Taggett's snakes aswell. Hes got some cracking high orange females.

With regards to the morelia nauta theres 5 colours. the 5th is a stripped axanthic. i believe Blake Bauer was working with this one.
there were some for sale last year in houten but no way in hell was a pair of CH worth 2200 euros

The young Morelia clastolepis posted isnt the typical look of a youngster from my personal experince, all the ones i had hatch looked nothing like that and that was from a pairing of standard adults.

Appologises i it has me across as nit picking as i dint mean it to
I think its a cracking thread. You should post the scalation counts for each species.
I have the orignal taxonomy papers from the barkers i can try dig out if you want?

nice work mate
we should get together with all our aus/indo species and do a proper decent thread covering ALL of the species. from olive to paupan and timor to tracyae
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