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Originally Posted by mezzo View Post
great post matt very good read
Cheers mate. Glad you enjoyed it!

Originally Posted by snakewhisperer View Post
Sticky?! Such informative posts could perhaps have their own section.
Thank you for your kind words.

Originally Posted by wildlifewarrior View Post
A great thread and one which i love.
Ive got a future article coming out on this excalt thing for the PRK mag, mainly with photos of them in the wild or ones took by myself.

The Oksibils are a cracking locality, that looks like one of Rob Taggett's snakes aswell. Hes got some cracking high orange females.

With regards to the morelia nauta theres 5 colours. the 5th is a stripped axanthic. i believe Blake Bauer was working with this one.
there were some for sale last year in houten but no way in hell was a pair of CH worth 2200 euros

The young Morelia clastolepis posted isnt the typical look of a youngster from my personal experince, all the ones i had hatch looked nothing like that and that was from a pairing of standard adults.

Appologises i it has me across as nit picking as i dint mean it to
I think its a cracking thread. You should post the scalation counts for each species.
I have the orignal taxonomy papers from the barkers i can try dig out if you want?

nice work mate
we should get together with all our aus/indo species and do a proper decent thread covering ALL of the species. from olive to paupan and timor to tracyae
The Oksibil is indeed one of Rob's.

Iv seen the striped nauta. Iv heard them called an "insular island" form. I didnt include them because little is known about them and striping could be an artifact of incubation. Ill include them when i see pics of loads of them in the wild
If you look at the tag with the pic of the young clasto it says Juvenile and not hatchling. Hatchling morelia always look very different to their final colours. The one in the pic is probably a year or so old when its colours and pattern are very bright. To be fare it is an exceptional looking clasto. Would love to have it in my collection!

I thought about scale counts and more in depth write ups for the species and localities but eventualy decided against it. I wanted the thread to act as a visual guide, a quick refference if you will, so that if people saw a snake on the net or in a shop or even heard a name being discussed, they'd have a place where they can quickly look up the type of scrub it was. Technical info like scale counts might have bogged the thread down for the less nerdy herper's out there. Yes, I am a snake nerd!
I already own a copy of Barker's paper thanks. And id encourage anyone else who's seriously interested in these animals to get hold of a copy as well. He can be contacted thru his website If your polite and ask nicely he may have a few copys left he could send out.

Thanks for the kind words mate. Give us a shout about the Indo thread.

Originally Posted by ophidianman View Post
Seconded. I never realised there were so many different species / localities /morphs. I've learnt loads from this post, well researched and put together. Great read.

Many thanks.
Glad to be of help
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