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Originally Posted by kenneally1 View Post
Great thread Matt And Blake's scrubs rock, christian
indeed they do...but mine rock more surely? i has more than him...and they size matters

Originally Posted by Morgan Freeman View Post
Record of 28ft?????
Personally i disbelieve this, one of the accounts of a 8.5 m kinghorni was from Hoser whos more of a tosser

They stated in another account it was 28ft 4 morelia kinghorni found in Gordonvale...however the international encyclopedia states it was found in new guinea,,,which rules out kinghorni....its too inconsistent to be true.

Personally i prefer to believe the rare account of the photos eric worrell took of the 23fter in his reptile park. theres photos to back this up

As for the the reported 28ft.
It was actually 25ft. It was recorded in the 1963 book on aussie snakes, however from what i was told when i tried to source this book was that it was a misprint. This was also confirmed by 3 other people aswell.

But i prefer to believe what i see with my eyes...and so i'll stick with the 23ft
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