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Originally Posted by Romski View Post
You must ensure that your turts cant escape.

If your present setup is too small put them outside. a couple of times a week drop in earth worms and food. They may get used to a regular pattern so may see them. When you are able to provide a better set up you can fish them out again.

Thanks for the advice,ive tried to read as many of the threads i can find and the reports there were links to on winterizing and my pond seems to fit the bill.Would it be a good idea to make a clear perspex lid for the winter?
The only concern i have about escaping is that i have plants on the shelfs ,i really cant see them supporting there weight but i may have to move them or possibly raise the sides.If i put some pics up maybe you can give me some advice on them.Its also old creasoted sleepers,there badly faded though so im hoping it has worn off and i can reseal them with something safer.
One last thing,do you have any tips on making a basking area,or shall i start a seperate thread,this is the first time if used a forum so not sure the best way to go about things,thanks,Rich
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