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awesome collection.
do you keep your gargoyle the same as your cresteds?
for such a popular lizard [crestie] i have been quite shocked at the contradicting info out there on temps [many say over 80 will kill them, others say over 85 will, many say 70-85 is fine etc] and also as far as humidity % goes... i have found it very hard to pin point what is recomended.

we got 2 cresteds and a gargoyle on sunday.
the 2 cresteds are in a faunarium, as was the gargoyle on his own, turned upright with an inch of damn coconut husk in the bottom.
humidty was staying at 70-80% and temos went down to 70 at night and never got higher than 77 during the day.
no heating in faunariums, just room temp.

they all ate sun, mon on baby food [fruit] and then all on tue on CGD, wed morning [yest] the gargoyle was on the bottom, almost lifeless and cold with his four limbs tucked up to his body.
we moved him into a tub of which he came in, stuck it on a heatmat and got the temp in the tub at 79 degrees thinking this may help, he... if moved would just roll on his side.. but was breathing [belly goin in and out] and moving his tail a bit... he died an hour later.

any ideas?
critique perfectly welcome.
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