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quite similar to the thread about the appeal of FWC's LOL... it mostly comes down to taste and a new snake owner's general lack of originaliry :P

i like royals, but i agree there are many more snakes out there that are of a manageable size and gorgeous.
my girlfriend likes carpets, and i like bloods...but there are spotted pythons, children's pythons, black headed, womas, scrubs, white lipped...etc etc etc. all are beautiful and fun.

and then if you're bored of pythons there are boas...

and then Colubrids...

it all comes down to taste really. i could wish that beginners would show some originality by getting something less common, but corns and royals do typically make "good starter snakes"...which is a misnomer as many snakes are good starter snakes providing you do research (and many idiots get corns and royals with no research at all) but it gives new owners a bit more confidence i guess.

but IMO royals are great. they maintain cuteness throughout their lives, are usually really soppy calm...and aside from the odd issue with feeding, seem to be pretty easy. but that issue with feeding makes me not like recommending them as a first snake as it can be a source of great stress.
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