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Originally Posted by stephenjackson View Post
Yes breeding is ok.. Got a snake friend with incubator etc..
No problem...
What temp is yours set at in day?
Setting all microclimb up tonight!
Using a red bulb!
He's just poohed on me! God that's disgusting!
You can use the bulb but if it's a heat bulb and not a ceramic you will need a different stat. You'll also need a gaurd. How big is the vivarium?


You can use the heatmat (It should cover 1/3 of the vivarium) it goes under the substrate and will work fine on a pulse stat

I know you say you don't want to seperate them but tbh if you needed to ask this question I wouldn't advise breeding until you have more experience. And yes they will breed if you keep them together. Plus you will have to seperate them when the female gets pregnant anyway..
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