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Originally Posted by rum&coke View Post
I don't think reptiles are that low maintenance, you don't often hear of people not going on Holiday because they have a dog or a cat, but most reptile keepers I know struggle to have a few days away from home due to snakes and lizards needing feeding and what have you.
Equally, there are kennels and caterys around most places. The kennel we use will even look after our skunk for us so long as we take food in for her. But there's few places that will look after reptiles. Some shops will, but thats becoming less common, so it comes down to asking friends. I'm lucky that one of my friends will come over, deal with waters, check everyone over, play with the ferrets etc and it costs me a tank of petrol and a drink in the pub, but if it wasn't for him I wouldn't be able to go on any family holidays again for some 20 odd years.

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