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Default co-housing corn snakes -mayby itis not such a good idea.

to cut long strory short- 6 years ago i went with my girlfriend to reptile shop to get her a snake for a birthday. there were two adult corns kept together and we picked one. in the mean time second one sneaked into her purse so we decide to not to separate them and gave them a home. at the time i knew very little about the snakes so i asked and read if I can co-house them. a lot of people keep them together so I did too. after 6 years ghost passed away. he almost never missed meal, couple times chased me around the room. the other one, on the other hand, was very shy for all those years. he has a small bump, struck only once and i really thought he will be first to go. now, since ghost has passed away my normal struck three times in the row. he seems to be bit more active and he does not get scared as much as he did. thou there is no conclusion to draw, it really seems that co-housing might affect snakes. propably not in their life-death aspect but rather in giving them comfortable life.
i thought i will share it with you as my personal experience.
sorry for very long post and my English too.

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