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Post A question for all you Leo keepers...

Hey guys. Yeah, new guy here...

This will probably seem like a daft question, but humour me for a minute.

Having an interest in Geckos and after wanting to keep them for a number of years now, my living circumstances are finally allowing me to be able to do so; I'm of the sensible sort, and so I'm intending to start off small with a Leopard Gecko or two. But before I commit to holding the life of any herp in my hands, I want to be sure that I'm financially-capable of caring for the lovely little buggers.

So, here's my question, aimed at everyone who keeps Leos: How much, on average, does it cost to keep them per-month?

I know this is probably a question that's about as tricky to answer as it seems silly of me to ask it in the first place, but I'd just like a vague idea of how much I need to set aside each week/month for feed ect, so I can at least make some semblance of preparation. Also, after doing some research on costs for vivs and an Exo-Terra starter kit, I'm thinking I need a starting budget of about 150. What do you think of this figure; too low? Just right?

Reading 'The Leopard Gecko Manual' (Herpetocultual Library) and visiting the pet shop every other day can only take a guy so far, y'know?

All comments and opinions are kindly welcomed.

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