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Originally Posted by weemanelite View Post
In answer to your question I would estimate that I spend about 10 every second week. Taking into account bugs, substrate and other bits and bobs. But I am near the cheapest shop so I guess if you allow 15 - 20 every two weeks I would think that will cover it.

There are a lot of care sheets available on here, if you can't find one 'sleepydee Geckos' website wil have one and its good. They wil generally tell you wwhat you need and then it's just a case of shopping round. The cheap shop I mention is online and is called Surrey Pet Supplies' check them out as you may get stuff cheaper.

Good luck with it all and don't be afraid to ask questions on here even if it seems silly.
I would say thats a generous budget if I'm being totally honest. Most shops do live food tubs at around 3 for 6. I get 3 tubs every 2nd week, so thats 12 a month. Of course theres calcium and nutrobal, which will cost about 12 for a tub of each, but that should around a year so is included in the set-up.

I feed the livefood tesco value porridge which is practically free its so cheap, and dandelion leaves from the garden.

150 for start up cost sounds about spot on, and 15 a month is a realistic budget for food. Maybe an extra couple pound for electricity. And then all you need to make sure if you have an emergency supply of 100 or so just incase they need vet treatment.
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