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Hi, I buy all my Leo needs online, I find Swell reptiles great for all vivs, heat mats, stats and thermometers, and anything else you need, and I buy all my locust and meal worms online at the live food warehouse, I have 6 leos, 4 adult who eat about 4 large locust each 3x a week, 1 juvenile 3-4 med large locust daily, and a 5 month old who will eat 6 med/ large daily, when we got the youngest one he seemed younger than we were told and weighed only 15 grams, we started feeding him s/m locust and he was eating 12 twice a day, and doubled his weight in a month,
You monthly cost will depend on what age your gecko will be but breaking down costs 10-15 seems about right, also crickets are cheaper than locust but I don't use them, mealworms are good to but only 1 of mine eats them,
Hope this helps
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