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Thanks very much for all the advice, guys. It's good to know where to come for help. awh, thanks for the cricket feeding advice, I was wondering about that.

I'm really looking forward to getting this show on the road, now; I have to head up to the London MCM Expo with some friends for the last weekend of this month (Anyone else here going? We might run into each-other. ), a trip that's both annual and planned months in-advance, or else I'd be setting this up right now. As it is, I have to wait until at least November for my finances to recover, and I can't exactly justify shooting off to London having just bought a brand-new gecko, that'd be cruel.

Also, did a bit of research on vivarium tables last night and today at my local petshop; my room is an attic room, and I have limited standing height, only 3 feet give/take a centimetre until the wall slopes out and becomes the ceiling, so I need a table that sits relatively low to the floor but still has the various cupboards and shelves needed for storage. Strange situation, I know, but I have to make do, as I don't have a seperate room where it'd be possible, or for that matter safe, to keep the viv away from the odd inquisitive visitor. Can anyone suggest some help, in this regard?

Cheers again, guys.
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