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Originally Posted by Paul B View Post

I assume the viv is 45 cm long rather than high.
IMO this is far too small and should be at least 60cm long x 30 x 30.
This is the viv I'm taking about: Exo Terra PT2602

It's one of the two vivs, the other being the PT2605, recommended for use with the Exo Terra Leopard Gecko Starter Kit - these two vivs' model numbers are printed on the packaging of Exo Terra's own Leo starter kit, thus I assumed it would be okay to use this viv; I'd also like to stress, however, that I'm going to start with just one gecko, and with that in-mind I thought this viv would be big enough. If that assumption was wrong, I'm glad someone had the good sense to point this out to me now, rather than scream at me later for having too small a vivarium -- Thank you, Paul.

I have since revised the master plan and gone for a shorter, sturdier table to accomodate the larger, slightly-heavier PT2605 viv which is 45cm x 45cm x 45cm. If this is still not long enough, I may be able to really stretch to a PT2610 (L61cm x D45.7 x H45.7), though this will easilly swallow most of my total budget, and may make the purchase of the starter kit a total waste of money as everything in it will either be of no use, or for entirely the wrong tank. Please see the second paragraph of post #7 for details of the height restrictions of my attic bedroom.

Originally Posted by Paul B View Post
Dump the heat rock.
Buy a heat mat that is a third of the size of the base of the viv.
Buy a mat stat to ensure the mat does not get too hot.
Yeah, I thought that too, and it confused me as to why there wasn't a heat mat included in the starter kit.

Originally Posted by Paul B View Post
The UV is a debatable point. As Leos are nocturnal they really dont see a lot of the sun.
They need to get UV from somewhere though, right? Something about specific vitamins; it's not in either of the care books I have, but I know I read it somewhere.

Originally Posted by Paul B View Post
They do need a damp hide to assist with shedding.
Yeah, I know about sphagnum moss in the moist hide; just not sure where in the temp gradient the hide should go.

Originally Posted by Paul B View Post
Unfortunately the "starter kits" sold by large pet superstores tend to be useless or only suitable for the first few months of the animals life.

If the employees of the business are not keen to tell you the most important things about the creatures you buy i suggest you buy them elsewhere. P
I was wary about the 'shop special' starter kits, myself, so I opted for the Exo Terra brand one. I think Paul's nicely summed up its failings, but has anyone here had actual experience with this starter kit? Please leave a comment.

Frankly, when it comes to the reptiles they stock, I think TwinPet (small, family-run business with a total of 2 shops) have a policy that goes something like, "The less we know to tell people, the happier we are." That said, I'm not all that sure the staff at TwinPet like me very much; it might be 'cause I'm frequently in the Exotics section but never actually *buy* anything. If they'd actually stopped and asked what I'm interested in, or even tried to sell me something, they'd know that my stepfather is terrified of anything that has scales, and thus, until recently my living situation hasn't enabled me to keep reptiles of any kind.

Thanks again for the stern advice, Paul. I'm slightly Autistic, and I don't always recognise the hint first-time, so I think it good when someone is blunt in stopping me and saying, "Uh, no, you're doing it wrong..."

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