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Hello and to the forum.

In all honesty, I wouldn't buy an exo terra viv for a leo, but would instead get a wooden viv, for example (though I'm sure that you can probably find a suitable viv cheaper if you shop around). There are a couple of problems with using glass vivs for leos: firstly, it can be difficult to maintain the correct temperature, as they lose heat rapidly; secondly, the glass can leave a leo feeling very exposed / vulnerable, so they often seem to thrive better in a wooden viv where they feel more secure. As a guide, a 60cm x 30cm x 30cm viv (or equivalent floor area) would be the absolute minimum I'd use for one adult leo.

In terms of the rest of the kit then, as has already been suggested, I'd be inclined to buy individual components rather than a starter kit, as the kits often lack essential pieces of equipment / contain stuff that's really unsuitable. Try checking out the information on SleepyD's website: it contains a list of all the essentials you'll need for a leo, as well as giving excellent advice on leo care. You should definitely be able to get all of the kit that you'll need for 150 (though, obviously, the total amount will vary depending on the decor you choose for the viv etc).

Leos are generally relatively cheap to care for. For one adult, you'd probably need two to three of tubs of live food per month, (which should cost no more than about 10 in total), plus sundries such as a pot of pure calcium plus a pot of Nutrobal (or similar) mineral / vitamin supplement, which you'd probably only need to buy once or twice per year if you're going to keep just one leo (these can last months, though you need to be aware of the fact that Nutrobal does have a 'use by' date and does degrade after opening) and disinfectant for cleaning the viv / decor etc (personally, I use F10SC concentrate: though it's initially more expensive to buy than the disinfectants sold in most pet shops, by the time you dilute it to the correct concentration it will last a lot longer and work out far more economical in the long run). Plus, of course, there's the other stuff that's far more difficult to budget for, such as vet bills etc (although leos are generally hardy critters, the vet bills can sometimes be quite hefty when things do go wrong, so I tend to save a set amount each month so that I have a 'pot' set aside to cover such eventualities as / when the need arises).

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