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Hey guys. Had a bit of a rethink after considering everyone's advice so far, and I've decided to ditch the Exo Terra option in favour of a wooden vivarium w/ complete nocturnal setup, as sold by Reptile Cymru for 99.

FYI, the setup includes:
  • professionally-manufactured wooden vivarium, L24 x W18 x D18", w/ toughened glass doors
  • heat mat
  • thermostat
  • light fitting w/ bulb (choice of white, red, and blue)
  • substrate
  • thermometer
  • hide & water bowl
A dimmer thermostat for the light was also available for an extra 40, not sure if I'll need it.

Paid the Reptile Cymru premises a visit today to check them out and have a chat, and although it was a bit small, I was impressed with the place. The lad manning the counter seemed quite knowledgeable, and the animals on display were alert, active, happy-looking and generally seemed well looked-after.

The shop also had a good, broad range of equipment and vivarium accessories in-stock, which I consider a good thing. For what my opinion may be worth, the place gets an all-round green light, and I'd be more than happy to do business with them in the near future.

I've also decided that my first Leo should be a female standard morph; though I quite like some of the more exotic morphs – Diablo Blanco is a personal favourite, along with Blazing Blizzard – they can be expensive, and I'm not sure if certain morphs have more specific care needs, so I think it's better to be safe and start basic than be sorry a few months down the line.

What's everyone think?
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