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Hey guys, back again with another probably-very-noob question, but I'm curious bugger, so here goes.

What's all this about CB numbers? I see people advertising their herp as 'CB10' or 'CB11', and I have absolutely no idea what the hell it means -- but I get the feeling I should, and that it's important. The way it's written tells me it's a classification of some sort, which in-turn tells me there's probably a set of guidelines somewhere, but Google isn't being my friend today. So, would anyone care to elaborate a bit, please?

Also, in much-less trivial news, tomorrow (Dec 10th) may well be the day I finally take the first steps to keeping geckos; my dad and I are going for a drive to Cardiff, to check out the exotic pet shops in the area, including Reptile Cymru, with the intent of looking at some vivariums and maybe picking up one with full set-up

I'll be honest, I like Reptile Cymru. Been there, got a good feel for the place; small but knowledgeable, they breed their own stock, the staff seemed trustworthy; generally they damn-well impressed me. My dad likes to shop around, though, so he also wants to check out the Cardiff Reptile Centre just down the road. Took a look at their website last night, they seem savvy enough, but we'll see what it's like when we get there.

Their price for an adult basic-morph Leo does not impress me, and their website doesn't state what morphs they stock. Their full set-up packages also don't include the vivarium itself, and they don't state whether they're breeders or they just buy the animals in; if it's the latter, I will expect someone to be reasonably knowledgeable on where/who their animals have come from, and be able to give me the basics on their stock (age, weight, gender if the animal is old enough), and I will be disappointed if they can't - and if they're not willing, they've already lost a potential customer.

Also, they stock Tokay Geckos; I find this in-itself to be a bit disconcerting. We all know most Tokays seen in pet shops are wild-caught and are likely to come with all the unfortunate trimmings that suggests. I will expect the staff to be upfront on whether their Tokays are wild-caught or or not; at the very least they should able to tell me either way. If they say their Tokays are captive-bred, I'll want some proof; I've always liked the loud-mouthed little buggers and I may consider acquiring one in the future, but I'm not willing to buy anything wild-caught.

So yes, tomorrow will be fun to say the least. Hopefully, I'll report back tomorrow evening having acquired a brand-new vivarium with full set-up. I plan to have the viv for a week or so before buying a gecko, to make sure I've got everything I should have and that everything's in working order. So, how do you guys go about setting up your leo vivs? ^_^
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