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Originally Posted by mstypical View Post
CB means captive bred, the number after it is the year, so both my Leos are CB11, which means captive bred this year. WC means wild caught, and there are others like LTC which means wild caught but long term captive (snakes more than anything).
Thanks for that, it was staring me in the face now that I think about it. Sometimes my brain just requires a sharp verbal smack upside the head for something to make sense.

Originally Posted by mstypical View Post
Consider the classifieds - both of mine which are rather nice morphs, cost me 15 each.
I am thinking about it, but I'd really rather purchase my first animal from someone I know has at least a few years' worth of breeding experience behind them.

Originally Posted by mstypical View Post
Bear in mind, a Tokay has different husbandry than a Leopard, just in case you fancy one tomorrow at the shop!
I know Tokays have different husbandry, and I have absolutely no intention of purchasing an animal I don't know how to care for.
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