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Hey guys, just dropping by with the after-action report of today's vivarium hunt. What a freakin' day!

We visited Reptile Cymru first-and-foremost, and came away with a larger setup than I was hoping for - we got the 3ft Nocturnal setup (36"L x 18"W x 18"D viv, plus the usual kit of heat mat/thermostat/lighting and hides), and honestly I would have been pleased if my dad had stopped the buck there...but he didn't.

I am now the proud owner of a normal-morph female and - get this - a Blazing Blizzard, also female.

And this is the best part: we got both for just 75. That BlazBliz is normally a solid 100 on her own. I was, and kinda-sorta still am, justifiably stunned by today's turn of events.

One of the geckos is 6 months old, and the other is a year-and-a-half old; I'm not sure which is which, it was explained to me, but in the confusion I forgot to write it down. I decided to take the viv and setup immediately, but to leave the Leos at the shop for a few days, to give me time to set up the viv, make sure that there isn't a problem with any of the equipment, and to monitor my room and the viv for temperature variations. Once everything is toot-sweet, we'll go back down next saturday - but possibly sometime during the week if my dad gets home early enough - and pick up my new room-mates.

The normal-morph was incredibly active, inquisitive, and friendly. She seemed really used to being handled, and even seemed to enjoy it. The Blazing Blizzard was a little more shy, but that's by no-means a drawback.

We got the kit home around 2pm-ish, it's now almost 7pm, and I am still shaking from the excitement. This is insane! I keep pinching myself, to see if I don't wake up or something! :P
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