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Originally Posted by mstypical View Post
I know - I read it on your profile. So does my 7 year old daughter, so as said before, please don't explain yourself to me, I already understand I have tried - probably poorly - to offer advice in a way I think you'll appreciate - no nonsense, if that makes sense. Your viv could possibly be divided into two anyway, with clever use of a divider and shelving etc (to give more room to explore), neither of them have to suffer. would one go about that? As a possible contingency, I mean. Also, there would be the complication of the viv's heat gradient... Hmm...

Would it be worth, does everyone think, asking Reptile Cymru if they could put my two Leos in a shared viv for the few days they'll be there still, and and observe them for aggression? At least then, we could potentially work something out before the Leos are considered completely sold to us, should they notice any aggression. Would this be worth a go?
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