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Originally Posted by glazios View Post
If you check the folder again, I just posted two more images of the heat mat, and a close-up of the lable with all the information.

I plan to get some viv decorations this weekend when I pick my geckos up, but I'm not sure exactly what to get in the way of plastic plants... I know that I'll be getting some wood of some sort, probably one of those bamboo roots but not cork bark, to go across the middle of the viv angling from the back-left to the front-right, so it's across the length of the heat gradient. I know I also need a lock and another themometer for the cool end of the viv, and I hope to get those later today, if I can find some cash. Also, just out of curiosity, do I need a hygrometer?
That all sound's good and i honestly wouldn't worry about a hygrormeter as leopard gecko's are desert species but just make sure they alway's have water though other than that it's all good.
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