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Originally Posted by scotty667 View Post
Yep and to be honest i wouldn't of bought the bulb because they will sleep during the day when it's on or you could get a red one or blue one for viewing at night but it doesn't matter it's up to you on what you choose to do.
Actually, over the few days I've had the viv, I find the bulb contributes a fair bit to the ambient heat in there, and my room is an attic room where it can sometimes be a bit chilly now the weather's turning, a good two or three degrees below room temperature if the central heating isn't on, and I'm wary that without the bulb, the temp in the viv might be affected by the temp of the room, and I don't want 'em getting cold.

I did mean to get another, red bulb when we pick them up on the weekend, but if it doesn't produce the same ambient heat as my current reflector bulb, I'm not sure I'll bother.
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