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Originally Posted by mstypical View Post
I would keep the lino, that's what mine are on, easy to clean and no risk of that nasty impaction. Also, I personally don't like plants, plastic or otherwise, for Leos, I think pebbles and rocks are closer to their natural habitat, I find rocks at my local nature park and boil them for half an hour, leave to dry/cool, and pop them in! Free!
Originally Posted by scotty667 View Post
Yeah my brother used to use rock's with his but he had 1-2 plastic plant's behind their hide's i can't put anything in mine at the moment as mine's in a faunarium and his vivarium should be done by the weekend so will be getting spoilt with his new home.
I guess rocks and stones do seem a more natural option, but I think, as Scotty suggested, that one or two small plants in the corners would maybe break up the monotony a bit -- the desert isn't completely devoid of plant life, after all.

Also, picked up some tupperwear for a moist box today; it's not the kind with an air-tight seal, and it's frosted clear plastic. Will this have any real effect on the purpose it serves, or is it pretty much good to go?

I hope to pick up some sphagnum moss, and one or two other little but important things tomorrow, like a lock and that second thermometer, and maybe a dish for calcium powder. Is there anything else I absolutely need to put in there before my geckos come home, or is it okay to leave off on most of the decor until Saturday when we pick them up?
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