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Originally Posted by glazios View Post
Hey guys!

Well, today's the day - my new room-mates have moved in!

Only took 10 years, lol...

As I'm sure I've stated before, I'm now the proud owner of a 6-month-old Normal-morph, and a 1.5-year-old Blazing Blizzard. Both are absoultely *stunning*. They don't have names yet, I've been referring to them with placeholder names until I can think of something a bit more appropriate; the Normal I've been calling 'Stoic' because she sat pretty in her tub and never moved a muscle all the way home (a good 40min journey), and the Blazing I've nicknamed 'Digger', because she did nothing but stratch at the paper towel in her tub until we put her in the viv.

Crap names, I know...though, 'Stoic' might just stick - it's a decent reference to a favourite film of mine; I'll leave it to you clever lot to figure out which one, but I'll do the decent thing and give you a clue:

"Thank you for nothing, you useless reptile."

Oh well, I've rambled enough, I think. Have some pics, neh? Enjoy 'em - I know I'm enjoying watching them having a 'splore. =D
Stoic - I like, it shame she's a Gecko, not a dragon

Very pleased for you, hope all goes well, and you know where I am
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