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Originally Posted by glazios View Post
Okay, just a quick update.

Blitz and Stoic seem to be settling in okay; I have some calcium-dusted crickets running around in the viv, and both have eaten in the last 24hrs. Also, though I'm not sure which, one of them has been to the bathroom in the last hour or so.

I am a bit concerned, though, as the stool was mostly liquid; all the care guides I have specifically say Leo stools are usually solid. It could be due to stress, what with the move and the new viv, but I'll be keeping my eyes peeled anyway. Is this normal for the first few days?
This is a prime example of why it's best to house animals separately if at all possible (and i'm not being rude, as you know from our PM's )

If one of them is ill, it's going to be difficult to tell which one, without separating them. I've never had a runny poo, and I have Leos of different ages and morphs, and neither has ever been anything but solid, even when recently moved. Keep an eye out for more poops.
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