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Originally Posted by mstypical View Post
This is a prime example of why it's best to house animals separately if at all possible (and i'm not being rude, as you know from our PM's )
If one of them is ill, it's going to be difficult to tell which one, without separating them. I've never had a runny poo, and I have Leos of different ages and morphs, and neither has ever been anything but solid, even when recently moved. Keep an eye out for more poops.
On waking this morning I found another stool, this one a bit more solid, but it was mostly undigested cricket mass, which doesn't encourage me much. Watched them both wandering for a bit, until I noticed Stoic (the normal) leaving a muddy little mess near the cool hide, so I've quarantined her in the faunarium to keep a closer eye on her. She's not happy about it, and is still a bit restless, looking around and trying to climb the walls.

I hope I've done the right thing in quarantining her, as I don't want to make things worse by stressing her unduly, but I think it's better to be safe that sorry. My biggest fear, though, is that diarrhoea is catching, and that they might both have it already I just haven't seen it from Blitz yet because she hasn't eaten very much. Also, I'm not sure which of them that second stool is from, which is one of the reasons I quarantined Stoic. That said though, Blitz is the more lethargic of the two of them...
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