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Originally Posted by glazios View Post
Hey guys. Been keeping an eye on the leos today and have noticed that neither of them has moved out from the warm hide all day. As far as I can tell, they both spent most of the night in there as well, despite it being 90F on the warm side of the viv -- surely they need to cool down at some point?

I'm probably worrying about pointless and insignificant things now - colour me paranoid, much? - but nevertheless: they've been home for less than three days, and already one of them seems to be unwell, either through stress or a pre-existing illness I wasn't informed of.

What does all this say about my ability to keep reptiles, eh?

It says nothing detrimental about your abilities and don't for one second think it does! You researched, and you asked advice AND set up your viv, before bringing them home, which is very admirable, more people should be like you! Did you get any history on them from the pet shop? To be honest, they've been together anyway so all quarantine will serve to do now is show you which one is passing runny faeces, and allow you to collect a sample and identify which gecko it came from. There's a chance any illness could already have been passed on. There's a company that will do a fecal via post, I can't remember the name though
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