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Originally Posted by scotty667 View Post
Don't put your self down at all i admire what you have done to be honest when i first got 2 corn snake's last year or the year before i hardly did any research and just shoved them in a exo terra far to big and just shoved a heatmatt underneath with no stat at all but i know what i did was wrong and got it all sorted with in 6month's but i still hardly did any research at first but a year later i got myself another corn and got everything right so far and she is still with me a year and 1 month 2 day's later anyway back to the subject at least you have seperated them unlike most people who would just leave them in the same tank together no point putting yourself down and just keep on doing.
They are still in the same tank - I put the faunarium in the viv and separated them that way. Had to, as I've only got the one viv and the one heatmat. Bit worried about Stoic, she's still trying to climb the walls, and we all know that herps don't understand glass walls, much less plastic ones...
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