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Originally Posted by mstypical View Post
You forgot calcium and vitamins!
So i did hahaha okay Nutrobal and Exo calcium with D3 also plain old cac03 about 5 lol
1.0.0 Surinam red tail boa
1.1.0 Leopard Geckos (Blizzard/Hypo)
1.1.0 Corns (Caramel/Snow)
1.1.0 Bearded Dragons (Normal/Citrus)
0.0.2 Green Anoles
0.0.3 Green Tree Frogs
0.0.1 White Tree Frog
1.0.0 Emperor Scorpion
0.0.2 Musk Turtles
0.0.1 Map Turtle
and lots of fishys
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