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Originally Posted by glazios View Post
I know, right?

For an update, though, I think I can clear Stoic for diarrhoea, at least for the moment, as she ate some mealworms I left in the faunarium specifically, and when she passed the waste, it was solid, so I let her out and put Blitz in instead, so I can be absolutely sure that it wasn't just a one-off and all the fuss has been for nothing.

I hesitate to say this, for the risk of sounding accusatory, but I'm beginnging to wonder if Blitz wasn't ill when I bought her; to assume that Leos *suddenly* get diarrhoea overnight due to stress would be foolish of anyone. I didn't get any kind of history or paperwork for either animal, aside from a livestock reciept, when I bought them.

Blitz is lethargic, and while she does wander around once I turn the light off, she doesn't seem particularly-interested in food or even water, which worries me; I've seen her several times sizing up a mealworm or a cricket, getting right up to it and giving it a lick, before turning around and just walking away. Also, she seems to stay at the warm end of the viv constantly, as-opposed to Stoic, who seems to think I've overhauled the viv layout everytime she pokes her head out and goes for a wander.

Neither of them has bothered much with the moist box, either, but I'm not sure what to make of that.

There's a small vet practice very near my house, and I'll probably go down there tomorrow to enquire as to whether or not they have experience in dealing with reptiles; I'm not entirely convinced they'll be of much help, but with my limited budget, beggers can't be choosers, much as I hate to say it.

It's either that, or I can make an appointment with Valley Vets in Cardiff - which is an hour's bus journey away at least, and I might not get an appointment until after Christmas. And even if I do, I'm not keen on the idea of taking a sick gecko all that way by bus a few days before Christmas when it's freezing-frikkin'-cold outside.
I want to say give Blitz a week or so to settle in before you worry about her not eating, but what with the runny poo and the lethargy, I don't know if that is the best advice. I think if it were me, I would have stormed back to the shop by know and been asking some questions. If you can't afford to pay a vet to do a check 'just in case', the best thing all round would be to return her. It's what I would do, I love my reps but I also don't have money to throw down the drain, I would not expect to buy a rep and immediately have to fork out for fecals, especially if I had got it from a shop.

Don't worry about them not bothering with the most hide, i've never seen mine go in there, ever. It's just there if they need it.
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