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Got another question, guys. This one, though, may seem a little bit unusual, as it's more of a question of environment - my environment, as opposed to my geckos'.

I've noticed over the last few nights that Stoic is scratching at the glass of the viv. She wants to come out, I know this, but I'm also worried that she's getting stressed about the glass being in her way and her not being able to understand it.

I turn the viv light off when I turn in for the night, but my lights often remain on until I bed down, which is usually during the early hours, and after about 10mins or so of switching off the viv light, Stoic will start scratching at the glass. So, would it be worth changing the colour of my room's white lighting to blue or red bulbs?

I'm not much concerned about what colour my lights are - it's purely an anti-stress measure for the geckos, but I'm wondering if it'll work, 'cause if it doesn't then there's really not much point to it. Frosting the inside surface of the glass kinda of defeats the whole object of having a glass front in the first place. I've also considered a two-way-mirror effect, but this may just confuse my geckos and stress them even more. Does anyone have any ideas?

Also, does anyone know of a programable thermostat for my viv's bulb that I could look up? I struggle to maintain set sleeping patterns, and so I'm not always awake to switch their light on when I probably should. A programable thermostat would mean my geckos get a regular and set number of daylight hours in every 24, and thus a dependable idea of the day-night cycle.

EDIT: I've noticed there are very small insects in the tubs with my mealworms - very small, difficult to make out exactly what they are even with a magnifying glass, but there are hundreds of them, and they are everywhere in the tub. Please tell me these are not mites.

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