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Originally Posted by leopardgecko27045 View Post
I've just spent like 10 mins reading all 9 pages of this thread. Sounds like your the same as I was a couple of weeks back!

I'm going to be putting a divider down the middle of my viv with my two juvies in because they've started fighting. Fighting doesn't always start immediately so as you have 2 I'd keep an eye out for bite marks and scratches.

As for these bugs in your mealworm tub, I haven't a clue? When I got my micro mealies there was nothing else with them. All I know is theres the black furry sorta bug in with crickets? They eat Cricket poo so if you spot them and wonder what they are. Don't get all paranoid like I did!
I'm not so concerned about my Leos fighting anymore, as they seem to be getting along very well; they are very willing to share the same hide, eat and drink at the same time, and I've even seen them chilling in the moist box together. One would think that any signs of animosity would be visible by now, and there doesn't seem to be any.

On that note, though, if could you please drop me a line once you've completed your divider, so I have some form of installation reference should I ever need to do the same in future, I'd be very greatful.

On the matter the unknown insects, I decided to take no chances of possible paracite infestation, and I promptly threw away the box in-question, including the remaining stock of mealworms therein, before going out and buying new ones, as well as fresh crickets and locusts. I did, however, keep the pupae and beetles that I already have, as I seperated the pupae once I noticed they were changing. Not sure what I'm gonna do with 'em yet, but I'll figure something out.

Also, just like to say I'm glad to run into another Leo newbie. ^_^
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