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Okay, guys, I have a question for you all here that is probably the most rediculous thing you've ever heard (really, I'm questioning my own sanity for having the nerve to ask), but, do geckos play? Like, with toys? If I put a little ball in there, would they roll it around and, I dunno, chase it?

I ask (and cannot for the life of me believe I'm doing so) because, really, my sister came to watch my Leos the other day, and asked me, "Why don't they have any toys?" Awkwardness ensued, as I looked at her like she'd suddenly grown another head, while she glared at me like I'm the most cruel s.o.b. under the sun for depriving my geckos of things to play with.

It's a strange question, I know, and most definately a strange situation, but after a few days of mulling it over, I'm genuinely curious about this, now. Do Leopard Geckos know how to play? And if given the opportunity, will they?

Let me know what you all think - of the idea, or my obvious mental instability, whichever you prefers. :p
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