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Originally Posted by Cluck79 View Post
Oh and I ask stupid questions everyday - and still people are polite to me !!!

I am having problems with my wet hide I have laid wet tissue on the bottom folded. Is this correct or should it be like a hamster bed all shedded so it can be tunnelled??
Most people tend to use sphagnum moss, because it lasts longer and is usually available for pretty cheap at most pet shops. It's easy enough to do, just grab a small handful and spread it around in the moistbox until it covers the bottom, damp down with water until wet to the touch, and put it in the viv. Just don't put half the box in like I did, the first time you set it up, lol.

The only problem I have with sphagnum moss is that it's very dusty out of its packaging (if a cardboard box can be called that _ ) and can make a bit of a mess, but that can be remedied by keeping it in sandwich bags. One box will probably fill about 3 bags, and if you only use enough to make a carpet that's about 1cm thick when wet, you can get two out of each bag.
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